2015 has been a pretty awesome year for me as Dr Mike 2000.

I’ve printed up copies of my comics for the first time, 450 to be exact, and sold (or given away) over half of them. I’ve exhibited at three local conventions – Oz Comiccon, Supanova and the mini-convention at Flinders St Market. I’ve spoken at an academic conference on comics, Inkers and Thinkers in Adelaide University. I’ve produced 53 pages of Universe Gun and other strips, and my first 24 hour comic. I’ve had the amazing experience of engaging the local comics community as guest artists, and seen my characters come to life in totally unexpected ways by my friends.  I’m feeling much more like a proper comic writer/artist than I did at the start of the year.

I’ve switched from Photoshop to Manga Studio this year for my inking at least, and I’m very happy with the results, and plan to move more of my art process over this year.

I’ve been less successful in my stated goals to expand on my inking styles and finishing techniques. I’ve done some small experimentation with different digital brushes, and produced some black and white work, but I’m very much in a rut with my cel-shaded psychedelic style for the moment. I’m not terribly unhappy with that.

My goals for 2016 are modest.

I’m going to produce two more issues of Universe Gun in print, and write and draw two more. Printwise, #5: Moons will launch in April, #6: Black Hole will launch in October.  On the web, #5 concludes 14 Feb and 14 April, #6 will come out mid-June, August and October, and the first chapter of #7:Flares will appear online just before Christmas. At 12 issues, this means Universe Gun will conclude in 2019.

I’m going to do the 24 Hour Comic Challenge again. I intend to produce a companion to Falling: An Atomic Romance tentatively called Challenged: A Transhuman Romance. While I’m making Universe Gun I’ll keep putting out a 24 hour black and white sci-fi romance comic every year – that’s somehow satisfying.

I’m finishing up a couple of anthology strips, and may produce another one this year.

And one of these days I’ll get my work on Instagram and Comixology.

I’m entering a challenging new job this week. I’ve just enjoyed 8 weeks off after leaving behind my role as a games programmer, and will start teaching games programming this week. My comics work is on course, and I can focus on getting my head around this new role.

I’m still making some art resolutions for the year, albeit fairly humble ones.

I’m going to get better at cities. I’ve done some life drawing around Adelaide, and realised how my cityscapes so far are far too tiny and lack the sense of scale that they should. And I’m going to get better at facial expressions. Never mind the finish or inking style, nothing tells a story better than the characters. I’ve kicked off with a long-awaited mashup of the Fantastic Four with ABBA from an old notebook of mine.

I’ll maybe try to post here a bit more regularly than every 4 months too.


See you in something something, citizens of the sixteenth year of this Century!

Dr Mike 2000, 3 Jan 2016