Everything is in a strangely perfect modular state.

Universe Gun #1 and #2 are printed, and ready to go for Oz Comic-Con on 18-19 April. This will be my first convention, where I’ll be holding court in Artist’s Alley with local comics talent and friend Haylee Snook, whose work can be found on Tumblr and Facebook.

Am I a little bit nervous? Yeah, but I’d like to thank everyone who’s given me feedback either on Facebook, or some of the forums where I post, or by liking these blog entries. It may not seem like much to press a Like button, but it means a lot to me.

Universe Gun #3 is up and complete on the website, having ended with a bang.

Universe Gun #4 is now complete as of last weekend. If you were to take a panel from each page and stick them together with scant regard for spoilers, it might look a bit like this!

So what happens next?

I’m struggling with the script for Universe Gun #5 this week, and will commence drawing that soon enough. And then there’s maybe another 7 issues after that to plot out, write and draw at the current estimates. The events of #3 and #4 took much longer to play out than I’d originally thought, so we’ll see how much more story ballooning takes place as I go.

So estimated date of completion is some time in 2019, which sounds really science fiction-y  to a child of the 1970s like myself.

For the rest of this year I’ve got my eye on a few other local conventions in June, October and November, if Oz Comic-Con is a positive experience. I’m planning to take part in the 24 hour Comics Challenge. And I’ve got at least one anthology strip to work on, and some earlier ones to find homes for. I’ve got a tattoo design and an album cover to do, too.

And next up, I’m giving a talk at the local academic comics symposium Inkers and Thinkers. That’s enough for one year, right?

See you soon, citizens of the solar system! Dr Mike 2000, 8 Apr 2104