Universe Gun #2 is now available in its entirety!

At moments like this, its always tempting to take stock of the project and see how much remains to be done. As I said last week, work on #3 is now finished, leaving me with probably another 7 issues to produce.

I’ve been writing #4, and have found that while the storyline remains the same, the pacing and order of different scenes changes as I hammer out the details.

Writing involves pacing out what happens on each page. There often feels like there’s too much to fit into a page, and a chapter sometimes ends up being two to accommodate everything without rushing.Dialog gets written at this stage, but often re-written when I draw the page. And in addition to thumbnails, I do a number of sketches to figure out layouts of rooms or other environments, designs for background elements, and try to figure out action sequences and character poses for those moments when the characters are not just standing around talking.

Here’s a few pages from my sketchbook for #4:


See you in seven, sneak-previewers! Dr Mike 2000, 20 Sep 2014