Universe Gun is going ahead full steam again. I’ve just finished the fourth page since I returned to it, I’m very happy with them, and I’m planning to have #3 finished by the end of the month.

So, I’m taking a break from talking about myself and my comics this week to share some cool things I came across recently.

A few weeks ago I put together a poster for Universe Gun to go in the local comic shops. This lead to a conversation online with Sarah from the ever-awesome Pulp Fiction, who pointed me to the old psychedelic comics Agar Agar and Wolff from Dracula magazineafter having a look at my work. They’re really quite cool to look at. Click on the images below to hop through to the Heroines blog and see a few pages of each strip.



Agar Agar  comes across as a writer Luis Gaska‘s (or Sadko‘s, to use his pen-name) response to seeing Barbarella. The titular groovy chick, named after the stuf they use to grow moulds in petri dishes,  sort of floats through the story talking about love and vibrations and energy in a pretty lightweight but pleasant enough story. Agar has to go and fight some cosmic dick called Aquarius, and triumphs through misdirection and space-harmonic rehabilitation, and off they go to very possibly get it on, man!

Alberto Solsona‘s art is a bit loose at times, such as Micron’s face, (the blue-afro’d guys saying “My darling…”), or the spaceship on the bottom panel. The draughtsmanship is solid enough but the finishes are deliberately simple and almost naive. He really makes up for any shortcomings with his designs and colour combinations, like the panel of Agar posing next to a sea anemone (captioned “The Beautiful Agar Agar…”). Its nice to see an artist play to his strengths.

Want some more Agar Agar? Here we go!

A little bit of research seems to indicate that Agar Agar was Solsona’s only adult strip. He did a few other strips for the kid’s maagazine Strong in quite a different artstyle, but still heavy on the colour.

Now let’s have a look at Wolff!

Wolff, also written by Luis Gaska aka Sadko is a Conan-esque barbarian story, drawn by the legendary Esteban Maroto. The layout of this first page is just awesome, with the outline of the sorceress’ body forming a frame for our hunky hero. Her left arm’s non-existent, her legs blend into a single shape, I love this selective detail, which is a common feature of this psychedelic style. The serpent inset in the sun at the top right is pure Sergio Toppi-esque mix of the representative and the abstract geometric.

Maroto had a prolific career in comics, illustrating Vampirella, Red Sonja, amongst many other things, primarily of the sexy Heavy Metal chainmail bikini end of the spectrum. Go knock yourself out on Google images if you like that kind of thing, and maybe wait till you’re not at work. He’s an absolute ninja with whatever pen he’s using, and has a beautiful sense of negative space and page layout, even in his single figure pinups.

That’s some art this week. I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but I think its time for a bit of science next week.

See you in seven, surfers of 70’s Spanish strips showing sexy sorceresses! Dr Mike 2000, 17 August 2014