Its been a weekend of mixed activities – coding and drawing.

I’ve upgraded the PHP comic-reader on Fundament Zero to be more in line with Tumblr, and display the following page instead of the old right arrow. I’ve also added some simple tracking to record the number of unique viewers. This is the first step in promoting and pushing Universe Gun – I can now determine what works and what doesn’t in terms of pushing it to new readers. This is one of my least favourite parts of being a webcomic creator, but it has to be done, and always feels good when I tick it off.

Today I attended another Dr Sketchy life drawing session, where one of our local burlesque models recreates a famous glamour image and we draw them. Today we had the dazzling Lady Fae bobbing for apples, similar to one of Gil Elvgren‘s famous images.

This was a kind of cool coincidence after I wrote about the mythology surrounding women and apples a few weeks back. So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be working with my sketches to produce something cool, and maybe add a dash of Eris into the imagery.



In case I haven’t said it before, I cannot recommend life drawing enough to any fellow artists reading this.  And I also cannot recommend Dr Sketchy’s enough as a fun alternative to classical nude sketching. It’s a global phenomena – check Facebook to see if there’s a local group near you.

See you in seven – salubrious sketchers! Dr Mike 2000, 29 July 2014