I’ll be brief today, I’ve had a lot of drawing projects converge on me this week. Hence all the new sketches up at Fundament Zero

There’s a story that when Christopher Wren first presented his plans for St. Paul’s Cathedral to the king, the king said “It is pompous, awful and artificial. I like it!” This illustrates how language subtly changes over the years. The king found the cathedral design grandiose and majestic (pompous), inspiring of awe (awful) and well-crafted, or artificed (artificial).

These words went through my head when one of the Facebook drawing groups to which I belong posted their weekly challenge – draw yourself as a superhero. You can see the results above.

I remembered when I started getting serious about comic creation a year and a half ago, I came up with the manifesto of “Soundtrack by early Queen” for my work. I wanted to capture that kind of overblown rock-opera feel of their first three albums, and feel like I best accomplished that with Paradise Falls, the first strip I created in this spate of activity. I always hear She Makes Me off Sheer Heart Attack when I look at that strip.

So this phrase as the new statement of that same goal. I intend to produce comics that are pompous, awful and artificial, and I mean that in all the best ways. Large in scope, erring on the side of overblown, unafraid of being called pretentious, and well-made.

See you in seven, Sailors on the Seven Seas of Rhye!  Dr Mike 2000, 9 June 2014