Universe Gun #2: The Life Star kicks off, with Monsters of the Heroic Age!

I invented the Life Star back in 2006. I was working at the time on the Star Wars game The Force Unleashed, and late one night putting a build together and testing the new cutscenes and levels, it struck me what a weirdly iconic name “The Death Star” was. What is it? A Star! What does it do? Death! A Star that brings nothing but Death! Raaah!

I started thinking about a “nice” Death Star, equally forceful and terrible, but its massive blue orgone laser would upgrade planets and improve them rather than destroy them. And, yeah, stuck the idea into the back of my head, where these things grow. It transmuted and intertwined with Miss Amazing, a character from The Strangers, a Freedom Force game mod I made back in 2002, and my first big independent project.

I called it The Life Star, it seemed like an obvious choice. I googled it, and found an insurance company with that name, but nothing existing in science fiction.

Miss Amazing, Ms. Amazing and the Life Star were further developed in a later game mod, The Amazanauts, in 2009, where the Life Star appears as a playable level. Its depicted as a massive orgone-powered factory moon, crating experimental superhumans. This also features the concept of the Universe Gun used to wake them up from the virtual realities in which they are grown.

And here we are. I won’t say anymore, because the story will now unfold before your eyes in the pages of Universe Gun.

Speaking of Googling, look what I found the other day. How cool is this?



See you in seven, strange cyborg superstars!   Dr Mike 2000, 17 May 2014